Is it true that there are children who do not love their parents?

When a child is born, a kind and innocent being full of love is born who hopes to love and be loved unconditionally. If a baby is loved from birth and given that unconditional love necessary for its development, it will love its parents above all things, but is it true that there are children who do not love their parents?

It may happen, but never, under any circumstances is it the child’s fault, whenever it happens it is the adult’s fault and how they have managed their responsibility as a father or mother.

Kids mirror

Children learn from their parents and act like mirrors. They observe with their sweet eyes everything that parents do and say, but they learn above all, from the actions that they carry out on a daily basis.

If a mother or father shows indifference to their children, does not give them love, or empathy … what will happen to that being full of love? That he will grow up with strong emotional problems and may even develop dangerous mental illnesses in his future. Nor will he learn to smile or show affection for himself or others. You will not feel worthy of any love.

On the other hand, a mother or father who is affectionate, who loves unconditionally, who takes care of the needs of his baby, who holds him in his arms, who smiles at him and says sweet words … he knows that love is necessary for him. development of the child. In addition, the little one will imitate your sweet gesture and will return it full of love.

Absent parents

If parents are absent, do not pay attention to their children, do not play with them, or educate them, or care about their education, it is inevitable that the little ones will grow up returning that indifference so painful in their hearts.

If an adult son attends the funeral of his father or mother and does not cry a tear, it is clear that he was an ignored child who did not obtain the unconditional love that he so badly needed in order to develop balanced emotionally. Since he was not loved, he is unable to understand or give love. His heart has turned to ice, but it is not empty.

He is a cold heart because of the indifference he had to endure from careless parents, who did not raise him with the love he needed to feel that happiness so important in childhood.

Of course, on many occasions it is not that parents and children do not love each other. Sometimes they do, but adults do not know how to express it and cannot teach it correctly to their children. This is very sad, because love is the most beautiful feeling that exists and it feels wonderful to shout it from the rooftops.

It can be expressed with words, with gestures, with actions … but you always have to find a way to communicate this wonderful feeling for your children. Because they need it as much as eating, sleeping or breathing.

You do not have to be afraid of love, nor do you have to be dependent on it. You have to fight for a healthy love, from respect, affection and personal space. If not, feelings darken and make us feel bad … and no one deserves not to know what love is.

If a man has not received parental love, it will be very difficult for him to be a good father. The woman who has not received that important motherly love will also find it very difficult to be a good mother.